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1: Does Jesus Really Say that We Must Love God with Everything We Have in Us?
I don't know about you, but I have heard it preached, so many times, that the major command of Jesus in the New Testament is that (1) we must love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and..

2: The Will of God is Easy When You Live Life in the Power of the Gospel
We want to know God's will in the 'natural' events in our lives. Does God want me in secular work, or ministry? Does God want me in New York City -- or in Africa? Does God want me to go right or left..

3: Touring Italy In Winter - The Veneto Region
Don't expect mild winter weather in Veneto in northeastern Italy. But there you can still enjoy yourself while waiting for spring. The city of Verona hosts The International Horse Show on the second..

4: Italian Winter Vacations - Visit The Umbria Region
Umbria is a landlocked region of central Italy. Its winters are relatively mild. Of course, the higher the elevation, the more snow and wind you get. The Perugia Antique Trade Fair runs for about a..

5: Touring Italy In Winter - Visit Tuscany
The Tuscany region of central Italy is famous for wine and food. Tuscany is proud of their white truffles, one of the tastiest and most expensive "mushrooms" in the world. On the second, third and..

6: The Love of God Impacts Us and Empowers Us to Live a Dynamic, Abundant Life
We are only able to love because God loves us first. The person who doesn't love, doesn't know God, because God is love (I John 4:19, 7). Everything good begins with God: "For God so loved the world..

7: Touring Italy In Winter Vacations - Sardinia
The beautiful island of Sardinia east of the Italian mainland has a relatively mild winter. But you won't want to sit in your shirtsleeves in a seaside café sipping a local wine. That pleasure will..

8: Touring Italy In Winter - The Trentino-Alto Adige Region
The Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy sits on the border of both Switzerland and Austria. Its tourist attractions include the Dolomite Mountains, which the world famous architect Le..

9: Italian Winter Holidays - Visit Sicily
Sicily is a Mediterranean island situated to the southwest of southern Italy. Its winters are relatively mild. The almonds start to bloom in mid-February. But don't go there only for the weather; if..

10: Touring Italy In Winter - The Mezzogiorno (Apulia, Basilicata, and Calabria)
The Mezzogiorno (midday) refers to Italy's three southernmost mainland regions. If we consider Italy to be a boot Apulia on the Adriatic Sea forms the heel, Basilicata with small coastlines on the..