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1: Does Jesus Really Say that We Must Love God with Everything We Have in Us?
I don't know about you, but I have heard it preached, so many times, that the major command of Jesus in the New Testament is that (1) we must love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and

2: The Will of God is Easy When You Live Life in the Power of the Gospel
We want to know God's will in the 'natural' events in our lives. Does God want me in secular work, or ministry? Does God want me in New York City -- or in Africa? Does God want me to go right or left

3: The Love of God Impacts Us and Empowers Us to Live a Dynamic, Abundant Life
We are only able to love because God loves us first. The person who doesn't love, doesn't know God, because God is love (I John 4:19, 7). Everything good begins with God: "For God so loved the world t

4: Praying to the God Ayahuasca
There has been a huge world wide increase of interest in ayahuasca over the last few years. Ayahuasca is an hallucinogenic brew from the jungles of South America that is said to cure many types of add

5: Religious Holy Sites
The faithful flock there for worship, the visitors for cultural enlightenment.

6: December 21, 2012: The Doorway to Doom
It seems as if there is always a date for the end of the world. When it doesn't happen a new date is focused on. During the last few decades the "doomsday" dates have been getting closer together.The

7: Dangerous Psychedelics: Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Demonic Possession
The number of people experimenting with dangerous psychedelics increases dramatically every year due to the current revival of old spiritual practices through the New Age movement. Usually the reason

8: Do You Know How to Live the Golden Rule Online?
With few things in life being more state-of-the-art than the world wide web, it's hard to think about things that went on thousands of years ago, but that's exactly what the Golden Rule offers.Most pe

9: 5 Tips for Living the Golden Rule Every Day
When it comes to the way people should treat each other, Jesus summed it up perfectly. According to Luke 6:31, "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise." Or, in other wo

10: Qualities To Look For In A Christian University
Interested in attending a Christian university? You may be wondering what it is that separates one Christian university from another. Here are some qualities to look for in the Christian university yo

11: Judaica Gifts Made In Israel
Supporting products made in Israel is important for Jewish people everywhere.

12: Chanukah 2012 Guide
A quick and easy guide to Chanukah 2012.

13: Overcome The One Thing That Holds You Back
Even if you believe now you are journeying through the valley of death, remember your final destination is the safety of a warm embrace and a loving home. To get to that destination do not squander yo

14: Reconnect With Judaica Gifts
The end of the holy season affords Jewish people a chance to reconnect with their faith.

15: Jewish Wedding Items
Jewish wedding season.

16: The Etrog's Properties and Religious Uses
The Etrog is used as food for religious observance and practice.

17: Saying The Kaddish Helps Those In Mourning
The Kaddish is meant to lift the spirit of the recently deceased but can also be therapeutic for loved ones.

18: When Does Life Begin?
When does the soul enter the body? Let us go to the Bible for some guidance on this. Take Luke Chapter 1 Verses 26 - 28 In the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazar

19: Ifa Yoruba Religion
I've said it a million times. Ifa as a religion has incredibly difficult concepts that are hard for the average person to understand. Many people just accept Ifa based on its face value. But that's th

20: Do You Believe In God?
As Christians we believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We believe that He created us and also created the Earth as a home for us to live in the vast universe. It seems to me that God has le

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