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The Will of God is Easy When You Live Life in the Power of the Gospel

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by: Roger Himes
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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 Time: 2:55 AM

We want to know God's will in the 'natural' events in our lives. Does God want me in secular work, or ministry? Does God want me in New York City -- or in Africa? Does God want me to go right or left at the next street? Should I get married? Should I buy a Mercedes or a Chevy?

We focus on natural considerations all the time because this is where we live. Too often, people are even afraid to do anything, for fear of making the wrong choice, and wanting to 'hear God's voice.'

As The Gospel Coach, I see that there are two types of Christians:

(1) Those who are living gospel truth, and

(2) those who are content to live in some other form of non-gospel religion, like living by precepts, principles, formulas and strategies.

The first sermon of Jesus was for us to repent from all other beliefs, and to believe the gospel (Mark 1:15). It is this same gospel that must be preached in all the world before the end will come (Mat 24:14). It is this same gospel that even angels will preach to people on the earth during the end times (Rev 14:8). This makes living a gospel life pretty important.

Jesus says he came to do THE WILL OF GOD by doing away with the Old Testament life of laws, precepts and principles, and then by establishing the New Testament gospel life (Heb 10:9).

Jesus did it historically, but we must do it personally in each of our lives - to be in THE WILL OF GOD. If we don't do this, then we are in the second group I mentioned above: those who are content to live some non-gospel system of religion.

If we are in THE WILL OF GOD, and living the gospel, then I believe God doesn't usually care if we live in New York City, China, Colorado or Africa -- if we are in secular business or are missionaries. There may be some exceptions, with people given a special calling, but it is generally true. God cares more about who we are, than he does what we do, or where we do it. This is living in THE PURPOSE OF LIFE.

If we live 'the gospel of the Kingdom, then we are giving God the desire of his heart, and he wants us to have the desires of our hearts (Psa 37:4). He cares a lot more about our gospel belief, and the way we live, than he cares if we live in New York City, China, Colorado or Africa. He wants us ministering the New Testament gospel, and not some revised rendition of the Old Testament law (II Cor 3:6).

If we are doing this, then we have the freedom in Christ to live where we want, and do what we want, because part of this lifestyle is to keep an ear tuned to him so he can change our focus if he desires. If you are living the gospel, then don't be so concerned about not living THE WILL OF GOD. It's his job to reveal his will to us (Col 1:9-10).

In the sense I'm talking, God's word is very permissive. He has a direct calling on certain people at certain times, and perhaps on all of us at certain times. But our job is to listen, not hear. If we listen, we will hear.

If we're walking what I call 'The Gospel Road,' rather than some difficult, burdensome, rule-laden dirt road, then God's will is easy to engage. If we're not, then it's hard to engage. When we're walking The Gospel Road, God doesn't care if that road is in New York City, China, Colorado or Africa.

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Roger Himes, The Gospel Life Coach shows how the gospel is the power of God in us, enabling us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose. Find new coaching videos at: Read tweets on Twitter: /TheGospelCoach

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