Why is an Attunement so Important?

Introducing the attunement

The attunement process is a magical and mystical experience which strengthens our connection to the divinely guided energies of a particular energy based healing system. This process is also something which helps to purify, heal and move towards more love and light in our life.

Most importantly, the attunement is a process which helps to strengthen our connection significantly to a specific series of pure, loving and divinely guided frequencies which often has a significant benefit to our meditation and healing practice.

But to truly understand why an attunement is so important or to understand the power and potency of the attunement process, let us quick look more at how energy based healing can help us in general terms.

Understanding our own need for energy based healing

It is now conclusively proven in science that the foundations for our entire existence is energy. Everything, including ourselves, is made up of some sort of energetic vibration or what some might refer to as intelligence.

Every thought we have sends a vibratory pulse around our bodies and truly, we end up being a product of what we think about. Over many years (and many lifetimes), it is our thoughts and more specifically our intentions which create a particular energetic vibration for us as an overall organism.

Some people choose to think about more densely vibrating energies such as anger, hatred, frustration, worry, doubt, fear, envy and the like and such negative thinking can cause disruptions in our energetic flow.

These can be thought of as vibrating densely or more slowly perhaps and over time, these slower vibrations can create disruptions within our energy field. This is precisely what healing modalities like acupuncture, reiki & meditation help to correct. By freeing up some of our energetic imbalances or blockages (created by our many years of negative thought patterns) and through re-balancing our energies, we can move closer to genuine and long lasting health and wellbeing.

Alternatively, for those who continually have lighter thought patterns such as love, empathy, gratitude, tolerance, compassion, & patience, these types of thoughts help to create a smooth and happy energetic flow from within our body. These help to ensure that our energy is happy and flowing freely around our body with the result being balance at a mental, emotional and physical level.

What can an attunement do for me?

So what the attunement does then is to effectively clear away or brighten our energetic vibration so that we can start to remove and release any energetic disruptions or blockages from within us. It can also provide us with some tools and techniques to help you continue this process of clearing, releasing and re-balancing. Thus, we heal and purify ourselves closer towards a vibration of love, health and ultimately happiness.

The attunement process then is the very start of our healing journey (or the continuance of it) and it is often through our own self-healing practices following this, that we can we move closer towards love and light from within.

The attunement is thought to give us a very powerful form of energetic boost as it helps us to connect more strongly to a wide variety of pure, loving and divinely guided frequencies.

This ultimately provides us with many opportunities as we now gain the ability to merge with and raise our vibration closer to these much higher and more harmonious energetic frequencies. Again, thus we heal and purify and we ourselves move closer to these pure, divine and loving energies.

As we move closer towards the light and closer towards love, we therefore move closer towards health and closer towards happiness, joy and peace.

Is the person who gives me the attunement important?

The person who gives you the attunement is effectively your ‘connection’ to the energies that you are being introduced to. It is through his or her blessings and through their spiritual work that you are receiving access to the divinely guided energies of that particular energy based healing system.

If your Master is someone who doesn\’t really practice themselves, or someone who does not hold a strong vibratory understanding of the energies being worked with, then you are likely to receive a weaker connection to the source energies.

This is not to say that you cannot then strengthen your own connection to these energies through your own practice however it is often said that choosing the right master is one of the most important parts of the attunement process.

Your teacher should be someone who holds an authentic lineage to that which he or she is teaching. The term ‘lineage’ here may need some explanation and it can help if you think of this concept as if it were like the links on a bracelet

Let us say that there is one person who ‘brings through’ an energy based healing practice through their connection to the divine. They then start the ‘lineage’ for this practice by attuning others. As time goes by, each of these people pass down the attunements to more people and so the process continues. From master to student, master to student.

If you were to learn this system of energy based healing, it is a must that you learn from someone who can link their way back to the original person who brought the energies through. This is what is referred to as an ‘authentic lineage’ and it is a most important concept to digest as you find the right teacher i.e. the one who is going to attune you to the energies.

So please choose your master well. At a minimum, it is said that your teacher should be working with the energies for around 2-3 years and should be someone who you feel helps to empower you to achieving your own goals.

They will be someone who makes you feel good and helps you on your pathway forward but most importantly, they are someone who holds a vibratory understanding of the energies that they are attuning you to.

It is often said that choosing your teacher is by far the most important decision you can make so please choose well for their connection to the energies will determine how strong your connection is to the energies also.

Marty is a mediation consultant, divine assistant and humble seeker of truth and love. He is a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Lama Fera Master, a Vajrayana practitioner, a Unified Pathway To Light Teacher as well as a teacher of many other types of energy based healing. It is with love that he aims to inspire and empower people towards understanding their truly divine nature and now works as a co-founder of the not for profit organisation Love Inspiration –

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