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Why I Don’t Bank With the Biggies Anymore

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
I finally did it I closed my accounts with one of the largest trillion-dollar banking and financial corporations in the land Read The Post [...]

Quantitative Easing Demystified

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
With all the hoopla and media-bonanza around the merits and pitfalls of contemporary monetary economics, it must make you wonder: where is all this going to lead to (and really, where does it come from) What is real, what is politics, what is prudent, and what might be outright reckless Read The Post [...]

How to Calculate a Cost of Living Index

Monday, February 20th, 2012
Definition: A Cost Of Living Index (COLI) is a price index that measures the relative cost of living over time It is an index that measures differences in the price of goods and services Read The Post [...]

Recycling Gold Into Cash

Sunday, February 19th, 2012
How many times have you looked inside your jewelry box and saw all the mismatched earrings, broken necklaces, or out of date pieces They sit there inside your box taking up space and collecting dust Read The Post [...]

Feng Shui – Start Your Wealth & Riches Creation Focus Center Today

Sunday, February 19th, 2012
Feng Shui proffers countless traditions to boost and guard wealth There are endless symbols used to enhance wealth, money, and fortune and prosperity luck Read The Post [...]

Bad Credit Leads To A Bad Marriage

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
Make sure that before you get married, you iron out your bad credit issues. You don't want to end up like my husband and I. One of the worst possible things for me, like many other people, was being forced to get a divorce. My husband and I hadn't been getting along for quite some time, and one of the main reasons why was always our credit situation. I Read The Post [...]

Tax Credits For Freelancers

Saturday, June 4th, 2011
Associated taxes for freelancers don't have to stop you from doing business for yourself. One of the best ways to experience tax relief and avoiding the crunch comes tax time is to make sure to save your quarterly taxes up. You don't necessarily need to pay your taxes quarterly. The IRS has systems in place that will allow you to pay taxes even Read The Post [...]

Did The Bank Bailout Work?

Saturday, March 20th, 2010
by Marquis Codjia A few months ago, the crumbling global economy was atop the agenda of many G20 leaders. Social unrest, banking sector meltdown, global growth conundrum, and stock market yo-yos were the main discussion topics among the planetary leadership. Governments the world over addressed the most imperative issue, the banking pandemonium, Read The Post [...]

If I Were a Rich Man… by Carl Hampton

Friday, January 15th, 2010
If I Were a Rich Man... by Carl Hampton Many Americans living in the lower, middle, and even upper middle classes now more than ever before believe that they are striving for wealth that is unreachable. They believe that they will never be truly wealthy, only perhaps maybe with a little more luck they just may be a little better off than they once Read The Post [...]

The Ins And Outs Of Trying Out A For-ex Demo Account

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
Trying your hand at For ex in way of a demo account is used by thousands of traders and investors trying to determine if For ex is for them. Demo accounts are available widely on line, where an interested person can see how the whole thing works. Playing with a demo is along the same lines as the Pentagon generals playing war games. You basically have Read The Post [...]