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We are looking for a few good rants!! Do you have something that you think that the world should hear? If you have anything to say about anything crawl up on the World SoapBox and let the world know! I will publish nearly anything on this web space. I invite submissions of your rants at: submit@worldsoapbox.com

A further word about what I mean by a rant. What I am really looking for is an open letter to the world on almost any subject that is dear to the author's heart. This can be about any nearly any civilized subject. The opinions expressed in these open letters must be considered the opinions of the author of the piece. The owner of the site may or may not agree with those opinions. I want this to be a forum for free speech, so I will place only the minimum restrictions on content, but I do reserve the right to reject any content that is not in good taste or that falls outside the terms of service of my web hosting company. You can contact the site owner HERE.

I am setting up the site in sections. I am looking for articles in all sections. The sections that I now have set up are Political, Society, Religion and Travel. I will add other sections if I have content that does not fall easily into one of these sections. I will list your name and web site if you so desire. See the various sections for a bit more information.

I have also put up a page for Mini Rants. I am defining Mini Rants as any idea that can be expressed in one or a few lines. When this page gets too long I will add pages. These mini rants can be anonymous or signed. If you chose to sign your mini rant I will also publish a web address if you so desire.

Thank you!

What is your Pet Peeve?

Tell us about it here!!

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