The Shape of the Country

In all of my life I have never seen this country in the shape it is in now..

From loss of manufacturing jobs, many necessary for us to win any war overseas etc.., to outsourcing many kinds of work and even tech help for computer problems amongst the lot. One good example is a steel mill that was open for a century and a half in the United States and made the steel for battle ships for the world wars among other important items closed forever and their workers pensions cut etc..

We also have an election coming up where for the first time in my life I have no one to vote for.. A democrat and a republican in agreement on most topics of importance. Amnesty topping that list in my book. More than likely McCain and Obama ..

We have many attempting to pass amnesty over and over again despite figures in the 86% area in polls stating that is the percentage of Americans that are against it completely.. Many of our own elected by ourselves doing that to us despite our protests and getting it overturned 3 times now..

This proves that an agenda is present that is more important than the will of the American taxpayers... In plain English, we are not being represented.

Since elected officials are doing this the time is ripe to get rid of all of them in any elections coming up in the next few years, voting for anyone else in protest towards any of the traitors that voted against the will of their constituents..

Next in mind is gun control advocates in our daily business and their desire to unarm the American public even though it is against the constitution..

The nation was founded on revolution and guns and it is my thought that removing our possession of these firearms will be the beginning of another revolution where all of our rights will fall following the surrender of those firearms..

One could go on about fuel prices and food prices and import/export discrepancies between the United States and most of her trade partners but I think we all know all there is to know about that topic..

I feel the bottom line to all of this is us.. We can change it if we all network together and vote as a block.. The N.R.A. is a good example of what anyone who feels the same way can do however that brings me back to the beginning of this little rant of no candidate that is worthy of the vote for president.

It all seems very similar to the words that were on the founding fathers lips when they were in their trials with Great Britain, ''taxation without representation".. We pay taxes in support of a government that does not represent our best interests so maybe now is a time for revolt and change before we are too old to lift a finger in our own defense..

We should start it with the ballot box and end it any way necessary to achieve our goals there after....

John Ryan

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