The one question I hear, more and more, is "What's happening to my country?" We have heard many explanations about why we need 'Bailouts', why the auto industry is falling apart, and why the Housing Market has gone down the toilet and what I will begin with will seem redundant, but please read through; I think you will find my explanation to be much easier to understand.

This all began with the 'Hippie' generation; those who were going to the best colleges, protesting the hardest against the Vietnam War, saw great futures ahead of themselves. Yes, they were all preaching the righteousness of caring for the needs of the people above all, and the problems they saw in having a corporate base that considered themselves first, and the people last, and a government that built power to allow our country to remain safe, away from the hardships of war in our own country. 

They believed that, if we allowed all of the other countries to take a part in our economy, to build their own wealth and strength, those countries would look to peaceful 'wealth sharing' as a path to a 'world of peace', as they would not have to fear the United States as the main world power. Some followed their beliefs and became teachers and College professors, using their positions to decay the memory of our nation, to teach their own form of Socialism, to enable future generations of Americans to turn away from our traditional values and follow the belief that our country needed to change for the betterment of the rest of the world. Some turned to politics, to allow them to change our country from within, to destroy the 'evilness' of 'Free Enterprise' and personal growth. Others moved into the corporate base, hoping to influence the way our country did business with the rest of theworld. So full of dreams, so full of ideals!

But those were people who had never sacrificed anything of themselves for their country, had never risked their lives for the rights they took for granted, and ego, greed and a lust for power took over, and they stopped worrying about the people that they 'loved so much', and began to worry only about their own interests. The politicians worked to build their own power bases by selling out to whatever group, or corporate interests would support them. The teachers and professors became openly anti-American in the way they taught their students, turning them against our value system, or simply letting them fail without effort, building a large group of 'undereducated' Americans. And those that found themselves in CEO positions in our businesses, either through hard work, or inheritance, sold out our manufacturing base, and corporations, to foreign interests that cared little about America, and used our own money against us. 

Because of what they have done, we have gone from a government 'of the people' to a government of 'big business', one that no longer listens to the people of this nation and simply does as it wishes, telling us what is good for us, and we are just supposed to sit back and accept whatever they want to do. This was the set-up that placed us into the situation we now face.

The current problem began with people like Barney Frank, a member of Congress who had major legal problems in the early 1980s, when he was caught running a gay 'pay for play' dating service out of his own home. He should have been removed from Congress, but he was moved up, to one important position after another, until he headed the 'Freddie Mac/Fannie May' housing system that wasforced on our country by governmental officials and 'Black Rights' interests that believed that our government should provide low-interest loans to people who couldn't afford to buy homes in the first place. But, as with every 'good idea', investors saw an opportunity to get rich off of the low-interest Adjustable Rate Loans by buying up homes at cheap prices, then selling them at a profit when the prices went up. 

Many investors were getting rich, Barney Frank, and others, were gaining power and wealth, and the need for cash to fund their endeavors grew beyond the ability of our country to fund them. So the Chinese and Arabs were allowed to invest huge sums of money into our economy, some openly, some through 'European-based' companies. And, because of their take-over of our manufacturing base, the Chinese had banks full of money to invest. The more money they offered, the more they were asked for, until they owned major control in most of our banking industry and our corporate interests. And, because of the money they invested, their power grew, and ours diminished.

Along comes the 2008 elections; the foreign interests in this country wanted a President and Congress that they could control, so they created a financial situation by selling off their investments in Freddie Mac and Fannie May, forcing our government to look to other sources for help, which wasn't there,causing our Stock Market to fall into a deep recession in a less than two months. And, after seeing the effect they had, they sold of their interests in our financial corporations, which were already seeing hard times because of the greed in the people who ran them, and the problem quickly got worse! Because of the recession, the people grew panicked, and voted for the best promises of change, allowing for foreign leaders to get the 'Change' they wanted. But there is more to this story than the election.

We are in a war, a financial war, designed to take over our economy and maneuver control of our country. By forcing the recession, our enemies have put us into a situation where we will have to search for more money, which means we will have to turn, once again, to them. The stocks and other investments they sold off, when they had high value, now have a low value, which every stock market investor will tell you allows them to triple their buying power, and will allow them to become the major financial powers in the world. 

Look at the Great Depression and the families that came out of it richer than ever before; the Rothchilds, the Kennedys, etc., all had the ability to buy up other people's losses during the depression, allowing them to come out with highly profitable investments once the depression had ended. We have all heard stories of the Arabs losing money, and businesses in China going broke, but those are unique situations, individuals not the countries, and the countries are turning over every dollar they can to us, and they are growing more, and more powerful asthey do. And our government is turning over every investment they are asked for, giving up more, and more of our independence and power to countries that want to see us fail as a nation. 

Our country is being sold out by a bunch of ex-hippie politicians and corporate officials, with no concern for the citizens, or their wishes and, if it doesn't stop, we can say goodbye to our independence and rights, and our standard of living will disappear.

How can we stop it? We, the citizens of this country, have total control with our dollars, and we need to use that power. Stop buying anything that you can that is not made in the US, in fact; stop buying anything you don't absolutely need. If gas prices begin to go back up, stop driving. Watch your money; many Americans won't vote, but they can change things by voting with their money. If it will help us, like buying American cars, buy American. If you can't find what you want made in America, look for European manufacturers or others not from China. 

Start pushing your governmental representatives to demand equal tariff laws, completely fair trade laws, and to begin rebuilding our manufacturing base, including new manufacturing in the US. Start supporting American-owned restaurants, stores, businesses, etc., and stop buying blindly. We have to end this assault on our economy, even if we have to go through even harder to make the changes happen! 

It took a Depression to make us strong during the Twentieth Century, and we built a strong country, until the greed of the 'hippies' destroyed what we earned. So, now, we need to dig down, build up our nationalistic pride and rebuild our country to its former world-leading self. Stop thinking 'I', and start thinking America First because, if we don't have America first, we will lose everything to greedy, power hungry politicians who see us simply as a 'smelly' group of citizens they can control and destroy at their own whims!


Michael J. Kilgus

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