Wow! What a title! This guy must be a 'racist'! How can an American come out with any article called 'White Pride' in this day and age! Is he some 'KKK' member? Well, one thing for sure; we all have to stand up against him and point out the 'political incorrectness' of his statements, we have to destroy any pride he might have for being a white man, we must listen as anyone, of any other race, points out every 'mistake' he makes in standing up for the Caucasian heritage of the world! 

After all, don't people of color have to suffer every single day for the terrible way in which they are treated by every single white person in this country? Don't they? And aren't the whites of this nation the major stumbling block for their efforts in achieving their goals of education, job equality, and an 'equal' level of a standard of living? 

NO! If you want to hate me for what I am about to say, go ahead, hate away! But don?t blame me for the troubles of the world, because I have a life full of my own troubles, but I don't blame anyone else for how my life has been led, for the mistakes and problems I have faced; I am a man, and I have lived my life my own way, with my own mistakes, and I have found my own way around them, and above them, and I blame no one but myself, for I am responsible for my own life, not someone else! No one has ever given me any 'special treatment', any extra 'advantage', and there are no governmental plans of 'equality' for whites to open doors for me; I had to make my own way through life, to face my own problems, and to fight my own battles. 

Why am I writing this obviously 'racist' paper? Because I finally had the last straw pulled out from under me when I listened to Jeremiah Wright, Obama's reverend, publicly pouring out hatred against the White Race, blaming us for every problem every man of color has had since the beginning of time! And, even worse, when the news agencies came out against him, they were called 'racist' organizations, and they fell back in shame! There is one word that describes this; 'BULL....', you get my drift.

Let's take a little look back at history: Was there slavery in the US? Yes, and it was one of the worst parts of our nation's history. My family had many of its members come to this country in slavery; they were forced to work for people who beat them, who killed many of them, and got away with it, because it was their 'right' to do so. My people lived under horrible conditions, they had nothing of their own, their own children were given away to other rich families, separated from their parents, while their parents could only cry, and they were beaten if they tried to stop it. The women were raped, beaten, and then made to work like it was the way they were supposed to be treated, the men were chained up and beaten, if they stood against their 'owners', and it wasn't until my people stood up and fought their way out of slavery that they ended it, and became the people of a proud heritage that they now are. 

Hard working people with great pride for the country that allowed them to stand up and claim their freedom, people who worked hard to find the educations and job opportunities they needed to become some of the greatest patriots this country has ever seen. Did I mention that I am an Irish/American? Well, actually, an American of Irish heritage; I am an American first.

Was my people's past as bad as blacks? At the time, yes; but an Irish/American could escape from his owners, and disappear into the public, and would never be found again. That's why blacks were brought over as slaves; they stood out so, if they escaped, they could be found. And it wasn't white men who provided the majority of slaves to the slave market, it was the dominant tribes in Africa who searched out their own country to find slaves to sell to the white traders. Blacks sold blacks into slavery; if they had stood up, as a nation, against the slave trade, it wouldn't have existed, but they didn't. They saw an opportunity to make money by capturing and selling their own people to white slave traders, and they did it; FOR THE MONEY! So the blame should be shared equally!

Every nation in the world has had slavery, at one point or another, and in many nations of the modern world, slavery still exists; Muslims feel that slavery, if handled according to their laws, is correct, as do many African countries, and some Asian countries. 

Women are still sold into bondage, treated as property, not wives, and they have no rights at all, in many countries. Children are forced into mind-shaping schools that teach hatred for any race but their own, and are taught that anyone who doesn't follow their religious beliefs, or their governmental leaders, deserve to die, in the worst possible ways, and they are taught that is the righteous way to live. 

Men are taught that the best way to find their heaven is to murder innocent civilians, and they are 'martyred'! But, in the white world, we found our way out of such evil ways of life, we found our way into a world where everyone who wants to succeed can succeed, if only they are willing to make the effort needed to reach that success. None of us are proud of our history of slavery, we all despise the conditions under which blacks were made to live and, once Martin Luther King stood up and pointed out the errors of our country in ensuring equality amongst all the races, we stood up in support against those who still demanded 'White Racism' and changed our laws to allow for full equal opportunity for all! 

And, whether black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpeton want to admit it, or not, if it hadn't been for the white citizens of this country, marching with blacks, some dying to do so, if it hadn't been for white voters demanding that blacks receive equal rights, they wouldn't have any. Yes, blacks who stood up and marched were strong, brave individuals, but they didn't have the right to vote, so they could not change anything about their status as citizens of this country; it was the efforts of the white citizenry, of people like President Johnson, and all of the many others who supported blacks in their desires to be free, that opened the doors for them to claim their equality. Yet no one can even state that anymore, without being named a 'racist'!

I hear that blacks are being 'kept down' by whites, every single day. But let's look at the truth; our government has passed many laws allowing for special treatment of blacks, in an effort to allow them to work their way out of any bad situations, to allow them to reach for a better standard of living, in exactly the same manner as whites, or any other race in this country. Blacks say they don't work; they don't? 

What about all of the hard working blacks in this country that have started their own businesses and have become successes at what they do? What about all of the blacks who have worked their way into Congress and the business world, clawing their way to the top, just as whites have to do? What about all of the blacks in movies that have become big stars, or the musicians, the sports athletes, the college professors, the doctors, the lawyers, the corporate executives, and on, and on, and on. Those blacks did exactly as their white counterparts; they knew what they had to do to succeed, they found their niches in life, and they worked as hard as they could to fit themselves into the lifestyle they wanted, and they succeeded! 

They are American citizens who found their success in the American way of life, and they are proud to be Americans! They are no different than their white counterparts, they are no more special, no more less; they just took advantage of the opportunities presented to them and they succeeded! But that is not where all of this trouble comes from.

When the 'Equal Rights' movement began, the standards among whites were to reach for the best possible education, to work as hard as possible, to try to make yourself a success in life, so that you and your family could live comfortably and safely. And it was the white people of this world that brought about the ability of mankind to find this way of life. It was whites who fought against their own kings, to separate themselves from the dominance of those who wanted to keep the people separated by classes. 

Their was no middle-class, there was only royalty, their servants, and the poor. And that same lifestyle still exists throughout the Eastern world, today. But, whites stood up, found their own nation, established freedom as the priority, and built this nation into the dominant free society it is today. Yes, blacks, and other races had a part to play in it, but it was the whites who were the driving majority that caused it to happen. 

And the world we created, the free style of living, has spread across the world, into many countries, allowing people to find their own style of life. If it hadn't been for the white people of the United States, this world would have been dominated by a power-hungry Nazi, who wanted to kill off everyone who was not like him. Did blacks fight in the war? Yes! Did blacks fight in Korea and Vietnam? Yes! Are blacks fighting in our wars now? Yes! But they fight with the same bravery and conviction, not some special bravery, because they are black, but with the courage and honor that every soldier has! They have honor, courage and pride, exactly the same as their white counterparts, because they are Americans, and they love their country. And they are soldiers, not black soldiers, not white soldiers, but soldiers, strong, brave and proud!

When the Equal Rights policies of this country came about, we set up 'special' opportunities, to allow for blacks to rise above their situations, to find their way to build a better lifestyle for themselves, and their families, and it was needed at the time. And a great many took those opportunities and made great futures for themselves. 

But a small, very vocal group, led by men who claim to be 'ministers of God', laid back and avoided the opportunities presented them, looking for what would be given, not what could be earned. Educational opportunities were neglected, with blacks calling those blacks who took them, the ones who worked to succeed, 'Uncle Toms'. 

Rather than reaching for the top, they pulled the standards down to a level that allowed them to complain, to be given 'benefits', rather than requirements that would make them work to succeed. The phrase 'politically incorrect' became the standard of those who refused to make the efforts necessary to reach the top, allowing them to blame everyone else for their problems in life, the same problems that everyone in this country has to face. 

They would cry 'racism' if any white comedian made reference to blacks, but loudly applaud any black comedian who puts down whites. If a black man got arrested for doing something illegal, he would be supported by a crowd of blacks, screaming 'racist' to the whites who arrested him. Yet any white man who broke the same law would be sent to prison. 

If a white man openly spoke of breaking the laws of this country, if he talked about rape, murder, sexual domination of women, if he treated women as sexual objects only, he would be made a social demon, yet blacks now have Rap music as a proud standard, in which they openly applaud the above, and make drugs and hatred against whites a good thing. 

Our standards of education, once the highest in the world, have become a joke, simply because, instead of making certain blacks reach a higher standard, we lowered the standards for all, because we didn't want to be 'prejudiced' in our educational levels. 

Whites once worked for good homes, good jobs, and a good future, but we now have white kids who refuse to study in school, who are happy to drop out and flip burgers for a living, instead of working to become doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc., because we don't want to set our standards to high for those blacks who don't want to work to succeed. 

Being a 'gangsta' is becoming the correct standard for our youth, not pride, honor, and conviction to better one's lifestyle. Our way of life is going down the toilet, not because we have forced blacks to better themselves, but because we are allowing our own children to fail, simply because we don't want to seem 'politically incorrect' in trying to force blacks to better themselves! And the hard-working black people of this country, the ones who work, every day, to better their lives, to give their children the opportunities they need to become leaders in this country, the majority of blacks who are leading the evolution out of the old, slavist, lifestyle, never get the attention they deserve, as those blacks who sit back and complain about everything lead the charge in the press, getting all the attention, making all blacks look bad. 

And, if a successful black stands up and tries to get his people to see the light, to change for the better, he is treated as an 'Uncle Tom', and is demonized in the press, while the Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpetons of the world, the men who make fortunes off of the misery of their people, become heroes and 'social leaders' of the 'impoverished'!

I am a white man; I have had to live on the streets because I didn't have enough money to eat. I have had to be turned away from a job I had special qualities for, because the law forced the employer to hire a less-qualified black man, so that he could have an opportunity that I was not, legally, allowed, yet I accepted it. I , a veteran of the Vietnam War, could not get a home loan when I returned home, only because I had no credit history, yet churches were giving homes, businesses, and educations to Vietnamese refugees, the people that I, and my fellow soldiers, fought to free from their dominating governments, while we were being spit upon by our own people! 

I have watched the beautiful nation that I love deteriorate because we no longer have equal rights in this country, but have special rights for all those except the people that built this country out of the raw earth. I have seen our children deteriorate from hard working, successful individuals into people who expect success to be thrown at their feet, because rappers tell them that it is their right! I have seen our country turn from being the strongest, proudest nation on this planet, into the most hated and denounced nation in the world, all because we are ashamed to stand up and announce our pride for it! We have gone from strength to political correctness, from honor, to self-interests, from pride, to fear that we may be looked upon as 'too successful' to the rest of the world! 

We have handed over our manufacturing base, our trade secrets, and our military secrets, to countries that seek only dominance over our nation, and the people fear standing up to our own government, simply because we don't want to appear to be the 'Politically Incorrect' nation! Well, damn it; we are the nation that opened the doors of opportunity that allowed the peoples of all of the nations that stand against us to be able to stand up and speak their minds! We helped them take their countries away from tyrants, to build freedom as their national creeds, yet they hate us! 

And, now, we are taking away our own freedoms, simply to allow us to be more 'politically correct' to them! Enough is enough! This has to end! Our acceptance of hate-speak from people like Reverend Wright has to come to an end and we have to stand up, with honor, for who we are! We have to put an end to political correctness and stop cowering to every two-bit, power-hungry individual who wants to use our own color against us! We have to stop reverse-racism before it destroys, completely, the future of our children! 

The time has come for the hard-working blacks, and the hard-working whites of this country to work together to re-build the strengths and honor of our nation! Blacks have the right to be proud of their black heritage, and whites have the right to be proud of their white heritage, and it is time that we stop amending our text books to make us look less that what we are! It's time to stop hiding behind the needs of everyone else, and to start thinking of the need of Americans! 

Americanism is pride, honor, integrity, strength, honesty, and courage! And all Americans, black, white, yellow, and brown need to return to that creed that built this country into the power that saved this world from the dominance of Nazism! 

Blacks; be proud of being black! I am white, I am proud that I am white! I am proud of the drive of the whites that built this nation, I am proud of my white ancestors that broke away from tyranny, and I am proud of my white family that allowed me to be who I am today! And there is not one damned thing wrong with that! 

I am not a racist, I am not asking for dominance over any other race, or stating that my race is better than any other race, simply because of something as stupid as skin color, but I am proud of what whites have achieved in history, and I am proud to be a white man!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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